Media & Announcements

August 2020: BRAG Researcher Named a Queensland Tall Poppy

August 2020: Advance Queensland Fellowship aimed at helping COVID critical care

August 2020: How maths modelling helps efforts to eradicate banana bunchy top virus

August 2020: No data, no problem. New stats method able to tackle health questions by using disease maps and atlases

July 2020: Look & Listen to Marine Wildlife in Moreton Bay with Data Science

June 2020: Helping unlock personalised interventions for kids with developmental disabilities

May 2020:  BRAG Student Lands Top Mathematical Biology Honour

May 2020: Top Awards for Cancer & Reef Projects

December 2019: Virtual reality and drones help to predict and protect koala habitat

Oct 2019: Top Spatial Awards for Cancer & Reef Projects

Sept 2019: Revolutionising Water Quality Monitoring for our Rivers and Reef

Sept 2019: Eureka finals for citizen science reef protection project

August 2019: Researchers develop tools to help manage seagrass survival

July 2019: Congratulations to Jess Cameron: Recipient of the inaugural QUT STEMM Diversity and Inclusion Award.

July 2019: BRAG researchers receive funding to revolutionise water quality monitoring

June 2019: BRAG: Women in Maths Spotlight

June 2019:  Statistics Views: An interview with Kerrie Mengersen

April 2019: QUT researchers joining the dots from space.

April 2019: When rivers stop flowing, do we stop caring?

April 2019: STEM Role Model for Girls: Jacinta Holloway

Dec 2018: Congratulations Dr Shovanur Haque, Dr Marcela Cespedes and Dr Aleysha Thomas

Dec 2018: An interview with Dr. Julie Vercelloni: Leading Women in Marine Science

Dec 2018: Susanna Cramb has just been named a “Superstar of STEM” by Science & Technology Australia.

Sept 2018: Congratulations to Aswi: Best Student presentation: AASC2018

Sept 2018: DProf Kerrie Mengersen: 2018 Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences Australia

Sept 2018: Australian Cancer Atlas unpacks cancer burden by locality

Aug 2018: BRAG members work with ABS to boost use of Big Data

Aug 2018: Congratulations to Susanna Cramb: Winner ISBA2018 Best Poster Presenter

Aug 2018: Help protect the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet 

Jul 2018: Congratulations Dr Nick Tierney and Dr Cathy Hargrave

Jul 2018: Matt Sutton and Kerrie Mengersen in the team awarded the Lindley Prize at ISBA 2018 conference

Apr 2018: Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen named as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

Apr 2018: Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen to Lead 20 year study into Queen’s Wharf Project – Brisbane

March 2018: Congratulations to Cathy Hargrave: Best Radiation Therapy paper at ASMIRT 2018

Jan 2018: BRAG Researchers Involved in UN Project to Bring Satellite Data to Many Countries

Jan 2018: ACEMS (including BRAG) Researchers Create an Advanced Virtual Population for Cardiac Research

Dec 2017: Congratulations to Dr Paul Wu: Vice-Chancellor’s Performance Award: mentoring

Dec 2017: Congratulations Dr Earl Duncan and Dr Ben Fitzpatrick!

Dec 2017: Study finds ways to avoid hidden dangers of accumulated stresses on seagrass

Nov 2017: Bayes on the Beach 2017 Presentations

Oct 2017Kerrie Mengersen Guest Speaker at The Women’s College Valedictory Dinner

April 2017: Australian Researchers Map the Way to a Cancer-Free Future

Dec 2016: Congratulations Dr Jeff Ching-Fu Hsieh and Dr Elizabeth Brown

Dec 2016: Congratulations Dr Denise Beaudequin and Dr Brenda Vo

Dec 2016: Miles McBain and Anthony Ebert both shortlisted by RStudio

Dec 2016: ARC features the work of Laureate Kerrie Mengersen in their annual report

Dec 2016: BRAG members win more awards

Dec 2016: QUT has awarded the title of Distinguished Professor to Professor Kerrie Mengersen

Dec 2016: Kerrie Mengersen: 2016 winner of the Statistical Society of Australia: Pitman Medal

Nov 2016: Congratulations to Leah Price: Asia Pacific Math-for-Industry: 2nd prize winner

Nov 2016: Congratulations to Anthony Ebert: ACEMS Poster Contest Winner

Nov 2016: How ‘dry diving’ the Great Barrier reef could help save it

Oct 2016: Kerrie Mengersen: 2016 CRCSI winner of the Research excellence Award

Oct 2016Great Barrier Reef beauty not always about health: study

July 20162nd Jaguar Conservation trip to Peru

June 2016Dr Paul Wu: Saving Seagrass Sanctuaries

May 2016Congratulations to Tristan Reddan: ASA2016 Conference Prize Winner

May 2016Kerrie Mengersen: Special Guest Speaker at QUT’s OPNG

May 2016: Virtual Reality on Network 10 Science Show: Scope

April 2016Jaguar Project on Channel 7 News

April 2016: Virtual reality brings new dimension to conservation

April 2016: Queensland researchers bringing the Amazon to the experts to save jungle cats

April 2016: Making Media Worldwide: Professor Kerrie Mengersen and fellow QUT researchers in the Amazon Jungle

Feb 2016Kerrie Mengersen: on Wikipedia

Jan 2016:  Interview with the abc: Closer to understanding city-bush cancer divide: research

Jan 2016:  Interview with the abc: Rural Queensland breast cancer patients opting out of radiation therapy

Dec 2015: Kerrie Mengersen honoured by Modelling and Simulation Society

Dec 2015: Congratulations Dr Julie Vercelloni and Dr Susanna Cramb!

Nov 2015: Congratulations Ben Fitzpatrick: Winner of CRCSI 2015 Student Excellence Award!

November 2015: Amy Cook attended the IEEE International Symposium on Big Data Visual Analytics and presented a poster

Oct 2015: ABC News Article with Professor Kerrie Mengersen

Sept 2015: Congratulations Nick Tierney: Winner of QUT’s ST★RS Grand Final

June 2015: Congratulations: Professor Kerrie Mengersen – Australian Laureate Fellow 2015

May 2015: Congratulations Daniel Kennedy

March 2015: We have moved to the new ACEMs premises at QUT

March 2015: Congratulations Dr Pitchforth

March 2015: Congratulations to Xing Ju Lee Winner of the inaugural Tony Morton award

March 2015: Mining for Knowledge

Jan 2015: BRAG Team in Global Semi-Finals of 2015 Hilti IT Innovation Competition