Past Members

Dr Aleysha Thomas

Amy Cook

Dr Anthony Ebert

Astrid Soraya Fitriani

Dr Ben R Fitzpatrick

Dr Brenda Vo

Dr Brigitte Colin

Candice Hincksman

Dr Catherine Leigh

Dr Chris Strickland

Dr Denise Beaudequin

Dr Earl Duncan

Dr Frith Jarrad

Jagath Senarathne

Dr Jegar Pitchforth

Dr Jessica Cameron

Jessie Roberts

Dr Marcela Cespedes

Dr Mary Waterhouse

Dr Matt Moores

Matthew (Em) Rushworth

Miles McBain

Dr Nicole White

Dr Nick Tierney

Dr Paula Moraga

Dr Peter Whittle

Dr Ramethaa Pirathiban

Dr Sam Clifford

Dr Shovanur Haque

Xioadong Huang

Ziwen An

Dr Zoé van Havre


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