David Warne

David Warne

I am a postdoctoral researcher collaborating with the Australian Institute for Marine Science (AIMS). I investigate how mathematical modelling and computational statistics can provide insight into coral recovery processes on the Great Barrier Reef under increasing environmental disturbances.

I am passionate about the application of mathematical, statistical and computational techniques to solve real world problems. In particular, I am interested in applications that assist our understanding of complex biological and ecological systems. I firmly believe in keeping things as simple as they can be (but no simpler).

I also have and interest in the development of advanced Monte Carlo sampling schemes for Bayesian inference for challenging stochastic models. With a background in computer science, programming and High Performance Computing (HPC), I am always interested in algorithm implementation for efficient utilisation of modern, massively-parallel, computer hardware.

Research Interests: 

Applications of Stochastic Models
Bayesian inference
High performance computing
mathematical biology
Mathematical ecology
Monte Carlo
BMaths/BInfoTech (Hons)

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