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One-year postdoc position at Monash: ARC Discovery Project “Loss-based Bayesian Prediction”.

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Dear All,

David Frazier, Rob Hyndman, Ole Maneesoonthorn and I are advertising a one-year postdoc, to be funded by the ARC Discovery Project “Loss-based Bayesian Prediction”.

We are flexible as to the role that person plays in our broad research agenda (i.e. it does not necessarily have to be a direct continuation of the work set in train with the earlier postdoc). However, we are clearly looking for someone with interests and skills on the Bayesian front, including in matters of computation and forecasting.

Details are provided in the following link:

I have cast a wide net here, including people overseas (and the ad has been posted overseas), since the Australian borders are now open.

Please forward to your relevant networks (including PhD students) and encourage anyone that you think may be suitable to apply.

The deadline is February 15th 2022.

All the best, and thanks in advance.


Professor Gael Martin FASSAProfessor of Econometrics and PhD Director
Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics,
Level 7, Room E770,
Robert Menzies Building,
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