Amy Cook


BEng (Structural), University of Queensland, CPEng, RPEQ

Research Interests

  • Creating data driven tools for decision making
  • Insights from business data
  • Predictive modelling of business data

About Me

After consulting as a structural engineer for five years, I became interested in the strategy around this type of business and how the large amount of data that is passively collected by the business could inform strategy. I am now completing a masters by research in this topic by developing ways to aid project decision making using statistical machine learning models on business data. I enjoy and see great potential in creating tools that put businesses’ data to use and the potential impact it can have on many parts of an organisation.

As for personal interests, in my past job as a structural engineer I developed a great appreciation for timber as a structural material. A couple of years ago I made a website that discusses timber projects around Brisbane that I found unique.


I’m currently working on a project analysing business data from a consulting company as my career to date has been in the consulting world. I found the business set of consulting interesting and aim to develop tools that aid business strategy and internal decision making. The beginning of the project will provide insights about trends in project and company performance. Predictive models will also be developed to assist managers in tasks such as setting project fees and other internal decisions.

In addition to my masters, I am concurrently working on a project within a team in BRAG that models part of the supply chain for a company in the cattle industry. Earlier in my degree I also worked on an interesting bio-security project developing a tool for a client that needed to deploy foreign species detection systems.

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