Dr Frith Jarrad




Research Staff


I am currently working in the area of invasive species, surveillance design and eradication. My recent projects have involved designing surveillance systems for multiple vertebrate invaders which meets various challenges such as statistical power requirements, as well as developing response plans for invading species. Design of biosecurity surveillance systems is often constrained by a lack of empirical data, to overcome this constraint we have used expert elicitation for assessing design and estimating values for model inputs. I am also involved in simulation and experimental studies to examine the validity of the surveillance design. A project commencing in 2010 will look at meta-analysis in ecology.

In early 2009 I received my PhD at the University of Melbourne on the topic of climate change and fire impacts on alpine plants. This work involved a field experiment and spatial habitat modelling. Broadly, my areas of interest are ecology, conservation biology, and statistics.

Current Project

Current research is focused on invasive species ecology and surveillance for complex biosecurity problems.