Matthew Sutton



Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree in Statistics (Hon.) and Mathematics from the University of Queensland in 2015.


I’m a statistician with broad interests in statistical and machine learning techniques (see my website for more information).

Research Project

Variable Selection for Structured Large Datasets

Over the last century, new technologies have brought about the study of large datasets in multiple disciplines, both research-based and in industry. In this research we consider large datasets that are common in biomedical research, typically these datasets contain observations of: genes (genomics), mRNA (transcriptomics), proteins (proteomics) and meabolites (metabolomics) and collectively are known as ‘Omics’ datasets. Two parallel avenues of the research are: the development of feature selection methods for large structured data; and the application of these methods for Omics datasets. These methods will be based on variable selection techniques developed in both frequentist and Bayesian paradigms.

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