Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen


PhD, Statistics, University of New England, Australia.


Research Chair, Statistics, Queensland University of Technology.


My focus is on using and developing new statistical and computational methods that can help to solve complex problems in the real world. These problems are in the fields of environment, genetics, health and medicine, and industry. My research areas include Bayesian statistics, hierarchical modelling and complex systems. What’s best about my job? That I can work with a diverse range of people doing outstanding things in many different areas, and contribute expertise in an important component of their work: making the best use of their data to help them make better decisions.

Areas of Interest

  • Complex systems modelling
  • Bayesian statistical modelling, computational methods and applications.
  • Bayesian networks
  • Applied statistics
  • Digging postholes

Current Projects

  • Complex systems modelling of Airports of the Future
  • Bayesian Networks for integrating science and management for a range of environmental and medical problems
  • Statistical methods, models and designs in plant biosecurity and surveillance
  • Understanding cancer genetics and the impact of chemotherapy on cognition
  • Spatial and temporal models for cancer, environmental and environmental health, and water
  • Classification of images in remote sensing and medicine
  • Biostatistics
  • New approaches to quality improvement and control
  • New Bayesian methods and computational tools

Other Details

There are lots of cool projects for undergrads, research students and postdocs in methods development and statistical applications.

If you are interested, please contact me.

Kerrie Mengersen CV Feb2022