ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical & Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS)


ACEMS comprises a diverse range of partners, working together to achieve a common goal.  We will deliver world-leading research in mathematical and statistical theory and methods. Our mathematicians and statisticians work closely together and the results of this collaborative approach will address challenging scientific problems in the real world.

Statistical Societies

Statistical Society of Australia Inc (SSAI)  SSAI
The overall objective of the Society is to further the study, application and good practice of statistical theory and methods in all branches of learning and enterprise.


logonew-bgInternational Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA)
ISBA was founded to promote the development and application of Bayesian analysis useful in the solution of theoretical and applied problems in science, industry and government.


Statistical Sections

surveys and managementSurveys and Management Section of SSAI Focuses on the methodology behind official statistics production storage dissemination, deployment and use.