Dr Insha Ullah

Dr Insha Ullah

Research Fellow

I received my PhD from Massey University in July 2015. My PhD research was focused on modification of the well-known statistical methods to high-dimensional scenarios using regularized covariance matrices. I came to Queensland University of Technology as a research fellow in November 2015. Prior to this, I worked as a research fellow at the University of Queensland for 6 months. My postdoctoral research activities included robust longitudinal data analysis, classification using high-dimensional genomic data, univariate Behrens-Fisher problem, Bayesian models for Big data, Anomaly Detection and Statistical computing.

Research Interests: 

Bayesian methods for big data
High-dimensional data analysis
Robust generalized estimating equations for the analysis of longitudinal data
Robust regression
Statistical computing


PhD in Statistics, Massey University (2015)