Candice Hincksman


B Science (Mathematics) at the University of Southern Queensland,
B Science Honours(Mathematics) at Queensland University of Technology.
Currently studying PhD (Mathematics) at Queensland University of Technology


Student (PhD)


  • Professor Tony Pettitt
  • Dr Robert Reeves
  • Professor Kerrie Mengersen

Current Project

PhD Thesis Abstract
This research is primarily focussed on Bayesian approaches to modelling multivariate discrete data. Common issues faced with multivariate discrete data will be reviewed and novel extensions proposed. Novel contributions will be made to problems frequently encountered in multivariate discrete data, including:

  • Model structure – inappropriate model structure that fails to account for features such as zero-inflation, dispersion and correlation,
  • Response error – bias caused by missing or misreported response or dependent variables,
  • Modelling vectors of under-dispersed, correlated multivariate data (Modelling household level demographic variables)
  • Sampling from multivariate models subject to constraints, and Small area estimation.