Patterns and Features

Definition of Patterns and Features

Identification of trends / patterns / features to establish preliminary relationships amongst the dominant variables which may best guide the objective of future (more thorough) analysis to be conducted. Initial exploratory analysis helps guide and focus/split big data into manageable chunks/portions to remove the ‘overwhelming’ or ‘too-big-to-handle’ component. So we would like to reduce in terms of sample size or variables or models or subsets

Who works in Patterns and Features

Amy Cook, Cathy Hargrave, Dr. Sandra Johnson, Daniel Kennedy, Zoé van Havre, Dr. Nicole White, Marcela Cespedes, Nicholas Tierney, Earl Duncan, Susanna Cramb, Dr. Sam Clifford, Dr. Jannah Baker, Dr. Chris Drovandi, Dr. James McGree, Dr. Paul Wu, Jim Lewis, Jessie Roberts, Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Aleysha Thomas, Dr. Gentry White, Julie Vercelloni, Prof. Kerrie Mengersen. (Almost everyone in BRAG!).

What Expertise do we have?

  • Utilise a range of statistical, mathematical and programing software to manipulate and handle data to derive initial analysis.
  • Visualisation of data to represent patterns at a glance.
  • Experts at combining/amalgamating data from various formats and structures to further enhance initial analysis.
  • Vast experience in explaining results to audience’s from diverse backgrounds.
  • Exploratory and explanatory analysis
  • Clustering / mixture modelling
  • Missing Data exploration
  • Hierarchical modelling
  • Spatio/temporal models of disease spread / disease survival
  • Complex Systems

Case studies: Concrete examples of what we have done


Amy Cook (Modelling + analysis of Structural engineering business)


Paul Wu (Modelling Complex systems and Barrier reef dredging effects),
Julie Vercelloni (Spatial and temporal modelling of the Great Barrier reef),
Zoé van Havre, Sam Clifford (Hierarchical Modelling of State/Public School air quality in Brisbane)


James McCree (MUNE Bayesian modelling),
Marcela Cespedes (Cerebral longitudinal modeling of Alzheimer’s disease),
Susanna Cramb (Generalised linear models of cancer survival rates in QLD),
Earl Duncan (modelling support services of breast cancer facilities in QLD),
Nick Tierney (Understanding Structure in Missing Data + Creating Occupational Health Risk Profiles),
Jannah Baker (Spatiotemporal models of chronic disease and associated risk factors)


Zoé van Havre, Aleysha Thomas, Nicole White, Daniel Kennedy (Exposomics, Epigenetics)


Latest list of publications + conference + poster presentations (coming soon).


  • Mixture Model classification example (coming soon)
  • Heatmaps from epigenetics (Daniel) –  (coming soon)

Links to other capabilities: (e.g., Design / Optimisation)

Spatio-Temporal models,
Scalable Models,
Application domains,
Manipulating/engaging Big Data.


Marcela Cespedes:
Zoé van Havre:
Nicole White:
Nick Tierney:



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