2018 July:  ISEC2018, Saint Andrews: Mengersen:

Why don’t we ask?  can citizen science improve ecology and conservation?
with colleagues from BRAG, ACEMS, Australian Institute for Marine Sciences and Queensland Government Department of Environmental Sciences ISEC

2018 July: BayesM 2018, Warwick: Mengersen:

Challenging Data and Bayesian Solutions
with colleagues from BRAG  BayesM

2018 June: ISBA 2018, Edinburgh: Mengersen:

Transferability: a Bayesian Perspective
with A. Sequeira; P. Bouchet; K. Yates; M.J Caley et al: isba

2018 June: Turing Institute, London: Mengersen:

Towards a Global Course in Bayesian Statistical Modelling and Analysis in Sport
with Paul Wu and Edgar Santos-Fernandez: Turing_0618