Data Vis Master Class

Data Visualisation Master Class – Summary

CSIRO, 8 June 2015

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Tamara Munzner – Professor at the University of British Colombia. Computer science background. Long history of experience in Data visaulisation. Recently published the book B3:Visualization Analysis and Design “provides a systematic, comprehensive framework for thinking about visualization in terms of principles of design choices”. Scientific approach to data visaulisation that is grounded in good design principles.

  1. About Tamara Munzner
  2. Presenters Slides
  3. Book – B3: Visaulization Analysis and Design  – promotional code (20% off) : HVN17
  4. University of British Colombia Info Viz Group & UBC Info Viz Group Resources
  5. Other talks by Tamara
  6. Other reading

Sean O’Donoghue – CSIRO research scientist applying data visualization
and usability principles to the life sciences

  1. About Sean O’Donoghue
  2. Presentation Slides
  3. other examples

Julian Heinrich  – Postdoctoral fellow at CSIRO. PhD in Computer Science. Master in Bioinformatics. 7 Years in Data Science, Visualisation, and Visual Analytics Research.

  1. Presentation Slides
  2. Challenges of visaulising sets with more than 4 groups. Example
  3. Wordclouds
  4. Parallel Coordinates

Gael  McGill – Founder and CEO of Digizyme a science animation and visualisation company.

  1. Digizyme – some very nice examples of biological 3D animations
  2. Your visualisations need to tell a story. ie. Data visualisation vs communication.
  3. Life on Earth Free eBooks for mac & iPad 

Christian Stotle – Visual Artist that found himself in a Science lab.

  1. Presentation Slides 
  2. pick a typoface and stick with it.
  3. Design is an iterative process of : try > evaluate > improve > try
  4. Colour Brewer – Colour palate selection tool

Other Resources

  1. d3js – Tomasz 🙂 ??



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