Dr Mary Waterhouse


PhD, The University of Queensland, 2005, supervised by Prof. Peter Adams
BSc (honours), The University of Queensland, 1999, supervised by Prof. John Eccleston


Research associate


I am working at QUT’s Gardens Point campus in conjunction with the St Andrew’s Medical Institute (SAMI). I am involved with improving the quality and safety of patient care through developing better clinical audit processes.
Prior to joining the Bayesian statistics group at QUT in late 2008, I was a lecturer and researcher at The University of Queensland, where I studied problems in combinatorics. This work was an extension of the research I had done for my PhD, under the supervision of Professor Peter Adams.

Areas of Interest

Bayesian approaches to modelling and analysis in biostatistics

Experimental design

Career Highlights

My work at QUT has provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with medical professionals, statisticians and mathematicians. We research a diverse range of problems, from improving the quality of clinical databases to modelling the probability of being colonised with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus while in hospital.

Current Project

I am working on SAMI’s Applied Medical Intelligence project, which focuses on developing procedures for better data acquisition, analysis and utilisation.

Other Details

Outside work, I am an aspiring artist and the proud mother of two beautiful cats. I will be having my first exhibition of paintings in January 2010.