Data Science in the Wild Workshop

Data Science in the Wild Workshop

Thanks for all the interest!   You have asked, we have listened!    Everyone wants to come, but calendars are already too full this year.   We will defer this fantastic Data Science in the Wild Workshop for sometime in 2020.

Ever wanted to try your hand at flying a drone, collecting bird song or capturing footage of those sneaky nocturnal creatures? Well, here is your chance.

drone-refectingData science in the wild is a free 3 day workshop for statisticians to gain hands on experience with technologies used in data collection in the field. The aim is to introduce statisticians to the use of popular existing and emerging technologies for data collection, including drones, audio sensors, trap cameras and analytical software. Participants will learn how to complete the entire scientific pipeline from data collection through to analysis.

Location: Samford Ecological Research Facility

Address: Camp Mountain, Samford QLD 4520

Workshop agenda:



Requirements: Please bring your own laptop. After registration you will be advised about software to load prior to attending. For field work please wear a hat, sunglasses, enclosed footwear, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Accommodation options at Samford:

Samford Lakes:

Samford Village:

Clear Mountain Lodge:

There is some limited camping accommodation available onsite: bring your own tent or

Transport: Public transport is unavailable directly to the SERF site so we are recommending car pooling for participants. If you have available seats in your car or are looking for transport please let us know.

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