Big Data Capabilities

BRAG will focus on the following processes in the analysis of Big Data:

  • Analytics
  • Visualisation

Application Domains 

Dr. Jannah Baker
Amy Cook
Dr. Sam Clifford, + more

Model:  Complex Systems

Dr. Paul Wu
Dr. Sandra Johnson, Cathy Hargrave, Jim Lewis

Decision Support

Cathy Hargrave

Design / Optimisation

Amy Cook

Modelling: Extremes / Patterns / Features

Marcela Cespedes,
Zoé van Havre, Nicholas Tierney, Dr. Nicole White

Modelling: Scalable Models

Zoé van Havre

Modelling:  Spatial-Temporal Models

Dr. Paul Wu
Daniel Kennedy,  Marcela Cespedes, Dr. Nicole White, Earl Duncan, Susanna Cramb, Dr. Sam Clifford


Jessie Roberts,  Julie Vercelloni,


Dr. Gentry White
Dr. Chris Drovandi, Dr. James McGree

Manipulating / Engaging Big Data

Dr. Gentry White
Nicholas Tierney (data linkage), Miles McBain

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