Hugh Andersen


Masters Student (research)

Queensland University of Technology

I was born in Zimbabwe, moved to South Africa in 1995 and then finally to Australia in 2011 with my wife and two children. After completing a BSc (Mechanical Engineering) and MSc (robotics and AI) I worked as a design engineer and technical manager for ten years. To increase my business skills I studied an MBA and after the degree I transitioned into the Financial Services sector which I found more challenging. I worked in structured finance for a large insurance company and then incubated a statistical arbitrage hedge fund.

I have recently started a Data Science post-graduate research degree at the Queensland University of Technology.

Over the weekends I hike with my family and paddle a surf ski in the bay.

Research Interests:

  • Bayesian computational algorithms
  • Big Data
  • Variable selection


  • BSc (Mech. Eng.)
  • MSc (Eng.)
  • MBA