Patricia Gilholm


MSc: Development and Socialisation in Childhood and Adolescence (Research), Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2014 – 2016.

BPsycSci: Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2008-2011.

Research Interests:

  • Applied Statistics
  • Health Statistics
  • Child Development
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Personalised Modelling


My project is titled “Methods for personalised predictive modelling of developmental milestones for children with disabilities” and is an industry project, as part of the Industry Doctoral Training Centre (IDTC). I am working with an industry partner to develop personalised predictive models of child development, so that children at risk for developmental delay can be identified at an earlier age and that targeted interventions can be developed based on an individuals developmental profile.

About Me:

I am a psychology graduate who is currently undergoing a PhD in Statistics. After finishing my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I spent a number of years working as a support assistant and behaviour therapist for children with additional needs. This work inspired me to pursue a career in developmental research in order to better my understanding of child development in order to engage in research that improves the lives of children with a developmental disability. I undertook a Research Master degree in Child Development research at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and with the skills in statistics I developed during this program and my knowledge of child development, I was selected for my PhD project which aims to create personalised predictive models of development for children with disabilities.

Contact Details: