Definition of capability

The Bayesian Research and Applications Group works on a variety of applied statistical projects related to Big and/or Complex Data. Links with other disciplines within QUT, other universities, industry and government partners provide a rich body of research topics. BRAG’s team of researchers come from a diverse range of backgrounds which has resulted in the development of a number of projects from different fields, all requiring the capabilities of big data.

Case Studies

Health and social services

  • Hospital admissions, risk factors and outcomes of Type II Diabetes (Dr Jannah Baker)
  • Making subgroups of patients with Parkinson’s using data such as symptoms, genes, and risks (Dr Nicole White)
  • Building occupational health risk profiles (Nick Tierney)
  • Alzheimers subgroup identification (Zoe von Havre)
  • Image analysis for image-guided therapies such as radiation therapy (Cathy Hargrave, Matthew Moores)


  • Spatio-temporal models of air quality in urban primary schools (Dr Sam Clifford)
  • Soil carbon accounting in agricultural land (Ben Fitzpatrick)
  • Spatial-temporal Impact of dredging on marine species (Dr. Paul Wu)

Business and Industry

  • Tourism Website Data (Aleysha Thomas)
  • Consulting Business performance insight and decision support (Amy Cook)
  • Online sales of products and customer data (Amy Cook)
  • “Real-time” and offline analysis and prediction of passenger facilitation data in airports (Clinton Fookes, Paul Wu, Sandra Johnson)

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