2015 Publications

Please refer to QUT’s eprints to search for Publications by each member of BRAG – Below is a sample of Kerrie’s 2015 publications:


Moores, Matthew T., Hargrave, Catriona E., Deegan, Timothy, Poulsen, Michael, Harden, Fiona, & Mengersen, Kerrie (2015) An external field prior for the hidden Potts model with application to cone-beam computed tomography. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 86, pp. 27-41.

Buys, Laurie, Vine, Desley, Ledwich, Gerard, Bell, John, Mengersen, Kerrie, Morris, Peter, et al. (2015) A framework for understanding and generating integrated solutions for residential peak energy demand. PLOS ONE, 10(3), e0121195.

Wu, Paul P., Fookes, Clinton B., Pitchforth, Jegar, & Mengersen, Kerrie (2015) A framework for model integration and holistic modelling of socio-technical systems. Decision Support Systems, 71, pp. 14-27.

Farr, Anna Charisse, Ruggeri, Fabrizio, & Mengersen, Kerrie (2015) Prior and posterior linear pooling for combining expert opinions: Uses and impact on Bayesian Networks. Decision Support Systems. (Submitted)

Moores, Matthew T., Drovandi, Christopher C., Mengersen, Kerrie, & Robert, Christian P. (2015) Pre-processing for approximate Bayesian computation in image analysis. Statistics and Computing, 25(1), pp. 23-33.

Nott, David, Drovandi, Christopher C., Mengersen, Kerrie, & Evans, Michael (2015) Approximation of Bayesian predictive p-values with regression ABC. [Working Paper] 


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