Brag Meeting Thursday 23rd March 2023

The fortnightly BRAG meeting will be held this Thursday 23/03 at 1pm via Zoom/GP-Y801. This week we will have presentations by @Brodie and @Bryce.

Zoom Link:

Password: brag@QUT (if prompted) 

Brodie’s Talk

Title: Distances between Normal Distributions

Abstract: Measures of statistical distance are fundamental, used for example in hypothesis testing, variational Bayesian inference, and clustering. Yet even for the humble normal distribution, the idea of this distance is far from clear-cut. In this talk, I will discuss some of the different ways we could measure this distance for both univariate and multivariate normal distributions, and how true distances also provide us useful paths through distribution space. I’ll conclude with some of the open questions surrounding perhaps the most appealing distance measure — the Fisher-Rao distance.

Bryce’s Talk

Title: Data Science to Support Viticulture

Abstract: The Australian wine sector is an integral part of the Australian economy; and has been shaped by many influential factors, especially technological since the late twentieth century. However, recent years have shown that the wine industry has been affected by compounding adversities, with environmental factors such as disease, drought and bushfires at the forefront. As these pressures increase it is more important than ever to improve the efficiency and sustainability of crops. This project aims to assist in achieving a more sustainable industry by gaining an understanding of what relationships exist between crop values, climatic variations, market pressures and sustainable practices.


Jamie & Scott

BRAG Co-Chairs

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