Special BRAG session, Thursday 18th May 2023

SPECIAL BRAG will be held this Thursday 18/05 at 1 pm via Zoom/GP-Y801. 

What’s a SPECIAL BRAG? In these sessions, presenters will have 10-15 minutes to discuss their research, with a focus on work that is close or already published. Following the presentation, an external reviewer/assessor/panelist/colleague (the discussant) will have an additional 10-15 minutes to summarize the research and highlight relevant discussion points and questions. What makes SPECIAL BRAG unique is that the discussant will not be an expert in the presenter’s field, offering fresh perspectives and an opportunity for both the presenter and discussant to develop their skills in scholarly communication.

This week we will have a presentation by @Amirebrahim with @Bryce Polley as the discussant.

Zoom Link: https://qut.zoom.us/j/86982060024?pwd=dHFHdm44R2NjYWNEbWhwTmFWQ09PZz09

Password: brag@QUT (if prompted) 

Amir’s Talk

Title: Hydro-mechanical – Bayesian decision tree model to correct for environmental factors affecting performance time in competitive paddling

Abstract: This article presents a novel approach to performance time prediction in paddling, using a hydro-mechanical and Bayesian Additive Regression Tree (BART) model. The model combines the advantages of both hydro-mechanical and regression tree models to account for external factors such as weather, wind and water conditions to estimate performance time. The model was trained and tested on a variety of paddling competitions over the last decade. Results showed that the model was able to accurately predict performance times with high accuracy and precision. Combining the physical aspects of the hydro-mechanical model and considering the uncertainty of predictions in the Bayesian decision tree approach can support athletes, coaches and sports scientists in data-informed sports decision-making.

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