Brag Meeting Thursday 17th November

The fortnightly BRAG meeting will be held this Thursday 17/11 at 1 pm via Zoom/GP-Y801. This week we will have presentations by @James Hogg.

Zoom Link:

Password: brag@QUT (if prompted) 

Jamie’s Talk

Title: How to recommend and teach Bayesian modelling: Stories from a QUT internship with the Department of Health Western Australia

Abstract: The benefits in conducting statistical modelling with Bayesian inference has begun to be recognized by epidemiology teams in industry. Having just completed a QUT internship with the Department of Health Western Australia, in this talk I will give details of the Bayesian spatio-temporal mapping project and then review some of the modelling and software decisions we made and more importantly, why we made them. Finally, I will discuss some R wrapper functions we wrote that helped to fix some of the quirks of Bayesian R packages such as CARBayesST and nimble. 

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