Brag Meeting 12th April 2018

When: Thursday 12th April2018, 13:00-14:00.

Location: GP-Y801.

Included in meeting: 


Hello Everyone,

The fortnightly BRAG meeting will be held tomorrow 12/04/18 at 1pm in room Y801. This week we will have presentations by Trish and Sam.

Trish’s Talk:

Title: Missing data mechanisms, imputation and sensitivity analysis

Abstract: This talk will give a brief overview of missing data mechanisms and common imputation methods. I will also outline a  sensitivity analysis that I plan to undertake  to explore the possible missing data mechanisms and to examine the effects of different imputation methods.

Sam’s Talk:

Title: Dengue fever modelling

Abstract:  In this talk I’ll give a brief overview of a system of differential equations describing a biological system, focusing on the relationship between infected and uninfected cells, free virus, and immune response and discuss approaches to solving such a system inside a Bayesian statistical framework. The work forms part of the DARPA Intercept project, looking at using defective interfering particles to modify the replication of dengue virus within the human body.

Kind regards,

Farzana and Trish


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