Brag Meeting 3rd August 2017

When: Thursday 3rd August 2017, 13:00-14:00.

Location: GP-Y801.

Included in meeting: 

This fortnight (3rd August) at 1pm room Y-801 Ace and Bulu will be presenting at our BRAG meeting. The topics are:

Ace’s  talk:

Report from Europe and Using ABCpy to estimate parameters in a queueing system

I’ll start by annoying everyone with photos from Europe. I will then briefly show some of the work I did with Ritabrata Dutta and Antonietta Mira at Università della Svizzera italiana in Switzerland. We used the python package they developed, ABCpy, to infer parameters in a complex queueing system.

Bulu’s  talk:

PCA and the Factorial Methods: How I wrapped my head around them

This talk is a brief look at how I used a series of blog posts (starting with this one: to better understand how to use the PCA technique and what methods it was related to. My main motivation was to gather together the information that I needed to be able to properly apply and interpret these methods.

Next fortnight’s speakers will be Billi and Ziwen An.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,

Matt and Shovanur



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