Brag Meeting 13th April 2017

When: Thursday 13th April 2017, 13:00-14:00.

Location: GP-Y801.

Included in meeting: 

At this meeting, Max Glonek and Peter Mathews will be joining us. They are currently visiting from University of Adelaide as part of the ACEMS student collaboration program. They will be giving presentations about their research.

Their research topics are the following:


I study trend detection from social media. When events happen, social media is generally the first medium to react. By looking at the initial burst of social media activity, it’s possible to characterize the magnitude and impact of an event. My research is applicable to many types of events but I mostly look at politics and sport.


My work examines demographic biases in social media-using populations. Social media contains useful information often not captured in other data sources, but it is necessary to account for demographic biases of social media users, to ensure that information from and about different demographic strata is not given too much or too little importance. My work currently focusses on politics, but can be applied to many fields.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Best regards,

Shovanur and Matt


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