PhD Confirmation of Candidature Seminar – Scott Jones

Hydrogel Spacers in External Beam Radiation Therapy of Prostate Cancer: Patient Selection and Cost-Effectiveness

Student: Scott Jones

When: Thursday 2nd March 2017  11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Where: C Floor Seminar Room, Radiation Oncology Mater Centre,  31 Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane Qld 4101


  • Prof Kerrie Mengersen (Principal)
  • Prof Nick Graves
  • Dr Fiona Harden

Panel Members:

  • Kerrie Mengersen (Chair)
  • Nick Graves
  • Leisa Toms
  • Nicole White


Radiation induced rectal side-effects are one of the most limiting factors in the treatment of prostate cancer patients with radiation therapy. Due to the close proximity of the prostate and rectum, incidental rectal dose is unavoidable and significantly contributes to a patient’s likelihood of developing rectal side-effects. These side-effects, or toxicities, impact not only quality-of-life for the patient but can incur further burden on the health care system long-term.

Hydrogel-spacers are a relatively new intervention that increases the physical space between the prostate and rectum, potentially reducing the incidental dose level delivered to the rectum. Currently there is limited evidence on which patients would clinically benefit most and if it is a cost-effective intervention, particularly in the Australian setting.

This project will develop a predictive framework for the early identification of patients likely to benefit from hydrogel-spacer insertion through an assessment of statistical modelling methods. Additionally, validated health economic evaluation frameworks will guide the cost-effectiveness analysis of hydrogel-spacer use compared to current standard treatment from an Australian perspective.


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