Update: Brag Meeting 16th February 2017

When: Thursday 16th February 2017, 13:00-14:00.

Location: GP-Y801.

Included in meeting: 

We have a distinguished visitor Dr Gareth Ridall from Lancaster University for the BRAG meeting this week

Dr Ridall will be presenting on

“A practical introduction to the modelling of incomplete data. Some basic theory and an application investigating the influence of heavy metal pollutants on the condition of predatory birds in the north of England.”

The previously scheduled talks will be moved to the next fortnightly meeting (02/03/2016).

Mahasen will be presenting on

“Dual-purpose Bayesian design for parameter estimation and model discrimination of models with intractable likelihoods.”

Shovanur will be presenting on

“The new methodology developed in the study that uses a Markov chain based Monte Carlo simulation method for assessing linkage accuracy, using ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) synthetic data in “realistic” data settings.”

Best regards,

Matt and Shovanur


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