How an Eighteenth-Century Statistician Is Helping to Find MH370

The 18th-century statistician behind the latest search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is so influential in modern-day logic that his work has been used to show the existence of God.

After hunting in vain for almost two years, Australian authorities said they’ve narrowed down the missing jet’s most likely location to a new “hot spot” in the southern part of a 120,000 square kilometer zone. Bayesian analysis, based on the probability theory of Thomas Bayes, has proved central to mapping out the probable resting place of the aircraft.

The Australian Defence, Science and Technology Group used Bayes’ statistical approach to crunch data on satellite communications, aircraft dynamics and the environment to refine the search area.

So why has an idea developed by an English Presbyterian minister become so important centuries after his death in 1761?

For the full article please read:

MH370 search


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