Kerrie Mengersen talk: Bayesian Statistics for the Big Data Age – Thursday 21st May 2015

A Video of this talk can be seen here: The Data Cure or the Data Curse? Exploring the Yin and Yang of Big Data

IEEE Queensland’s Computer Society Committee cordially invites you to participate in a seminar on Bayesian Statistics for the Big Data Age. It will be held at the QUT campus in city, on 21st of May. Please join us for exciting talk by Kerrie Mengersen, and discussions.   Click here to register.

Date: Thursday 21st May 2015

Where: QUT Gardens Point (City)  Building:  QUT Block Z, Level 10 – Gibson room

Time: 05:30PM to 09:00PM


17:30-17:40: Welcome and Introductions;

17:40-18:30: Presentation by Prof. Kerrie Mangersen Bayesian Statistics for the Big Data Age;

18:30-19:00: Questions and discussion;

19:00-21:00: Informal dinner at Ship Inn pub across the river from the QUT.

Bayesian Statistics for the Big Data Age

Bayesian statistical methods for modelling and data analysis are now endemic in a very wide range of fields. The Bayesian paradigm has a number of appealing features, including the ability to describe complex data structures, characterise uncertainty, and provide comprehensive estimates of parameter values, comparative assessments, probabilities and risk. There is also great benefit and interest in using the Bayesian framework as a mechanism for merging statistical and mathematical models and methods, and smart computational algorithms. This is particularly relevant in the context of big data, which we define as “inconveniently large” data. In this presentation I will draw on some of our experiences in applying Bayesian statistical methods to big data problems in health, environment and industry, with a focus on the nexus between stats, maths and computation. The discussion will be cast in the form of ‘grand challenges’ which involve the development of appropriate theory, models and computational algorithms to address the applied problems.


Kerrie Mengersen is a Research Professor in Statistics at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. She is also a Deputy Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers for Big Data, Big Models and New Insights, which has three Collaborative Environments: Healthy People, Sustainable Environments and Prosperous Societies. Kerrie’s methodological interests are in Complex Systems modelling, Bayesian statistics, mixture models, hierarchical modelling and meta-analysis. Her applied interests are in biometrics, biostatistics, environmetrics and industrial statistics.


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