Visualisation Talks – Semester 1, 2013

We’ve nutted out a schedule for the remainder of the semester’s visualisation talks in this morning’s meeting. Thanks to those who have put their hand up. Those who haven’t yet put their hand up for a talk will be asked to do so next semester.

The topics and dates are tentatively scheduled as:

4 April:                 Zoe has agreed to talk about her mixture overfitting before she leaves us for France (subject to stress levels).

Cathy will talk about visualisation methods for medical imaging

18 April:              Aleysha, who has been working on visualisation in her Masters will present us with what she’s found so far.

2 May:                  Ben will give a demonstration of some of the visualisation packages in R for 2D (ggplot2) and 3D (rgl) visualisation.

16 May:                Matt and Su will talk about visualisation of data which is spatial in nature

30 May:                Julie will give present the visualisation of the results of her work with coral reefs

13 June:               Paul and Jegar will talk about visualising Bayesian Networks

27 June:               There’s a free slot if someone’s got a really good idea that they’re keen to talk about and can’t wait another two weeks.

Please remember that all these meetings start at 10:30. There’s been a bit of a drift in the start time which has meant that we’re starting up to fifteen minutes late.


2 thoughts on “Visualisation Talks – Semester 1, 2013

  1. Annotated Code for the ‘ggplot2’ and ‘rgl’ examples in my talk are live here (scroll down for the download links for the code files).

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