BRAG Meeting – 3 August 2012

An update on what was discussed at the BRAG meeting held on 3 August 2012.

Bayesian Computational Techniques and Methods

BRAG meetings for the next few months will be a series of talks about Bayesian Computation.  The aim is to give people an introduction to the computational techniques and methods that exist and to show how these techniques and methods can be implemented in R.

The schedule will be as follows:

16 August 2012

  • Topic: Efficient Gibbs Samplers
  • Presenter: Christian Robert

30 August 2012

  • Topic: INLA (Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations)
  • Presenters: Sam, Su, Jeff

13 September 2012

  • Topic: Importance Sampling
  • Presenters: Julie, Angelica, Jannah

27 September 2012

  • Topic: Running Parallel R
  • Presenters: Matt, Cathy

11 October 2012

  • Topic: Variational Bayes
  • Presenters: Matt, Zoe

25 October 2012

  • Topic: Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
  • Presenters: Chris D, Charisse

22 November 2012

  • Topic: Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC)
  • Presenters: Tuti, James McGree

6 December 2012

  • Topic: L-Metropolis Hastings
  • Presenters: Nicole, Ben

20 December 2012

  • Topic: Running R on the supercomputer
  • Presenters: Matt, Cathy

Bayesian Reading Group

A self-directed Bayesian Reading Group has been set up for those interested in learning about Bayesian Analysis. Ben will be heading up the group, with Cathy helping. The aim is to meet once a week for a couple of hours to go through Gelman (and other resources) and work through some exercises.  Currently, the group is composed of: Ben, Cathy, Julie, Angelica, Luisa, and Janna.

If you are interested in joining up, please contact Ben.


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