BRAG at the Australian Statistics Conference 2012

A number of BRAG members attended and spoke at the recent Australian Statistics Conference in Adelaide.  The member who spoke and the title of their respective talk is as follows:

  • Jannah Baker: Systematic review of type II diabetes spatial modelling and risk factor exploration
  • Charisse Farr: Wayfinding in airports – A Bayesian network approach
  • Jeff Hsieh: Bayesian spatial analysis for the evaluation of breast cancer detection methods
  • Su Yun Kang: Bayesian hierarchical models for analyzing spatial point-based data at a grid level – a comparison of approaches
  • Kerrie Mengersen: Approximate Bayesian computations via empirical likelihood
  • Matthew Moores: A Bayesian spatial model with informative priors, with application to cone-beam computed tomography
  • Jegar Pitchforth: Bringing metrics to life through Bayesian networks
  • Sri Astuti Thamrin: Bayesian Weibull mixture models for gene expression data
  • Zoe van Havre: Bayesian overfitting as a tool for estimating unknown components in finite mixture models
  • Nicole White: Spatial modelling of participation in cancer screening

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